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Ring 4's lobby.

This wiki centralizes around Eviled's Unorthodox Towers, the JToH fangame. To visit it, click this link.
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All rings ingame
Ring name Elusive tower Tower completion Minimum
Ring 1 Tower of Flippin' Awesome 0
Ring 2 Tower of Slipping Sands 4
Ring 3 Tower of Mental Annihilation 8
Ring 4 The Rainbow Spire 13
Ring 5 Madness Steeple Unacessable
All zones ingame
Zone name Elusive tower Tower completion Minimum
Zone 1 Obelisk of Junk Being Thrown Everywhere 0

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List of Towers Ingame
Tower Types: Cube, Edifice, Steeple, Tower, Citadel, Obelisk, Great Citadel
Arranged by Ring:
Ring 1:

Effortless Tower of Beep Blocks, Easy-0 Tower of Crust, Medium Not Even a Not Even a Tower, Medium Tower of Spaghetti Wires, Difficult Tower of Misery, Difficult Tower of Whatever, Challenging Steeple of Really Easy, Intense Tower of Conveyor Spam, Intense Super Intense Tower, Intense Tower of Epic, Remorseless Citadel of Tight and Very Thin, Insane Tower of Selflessness,

Terrifying Tower of Flippin' Awesome

Ring 2:

Easy-0 Steeple of Framework, Hard Tower of Bruh Moments, Hard Steeple of Outdoor Expeditions, Difficult Tower of Assorted Blocks, Difficult Tower of Grasp, Challenging Tower of Dreadful Descension, Intense Tower of Seats and Sitting, Intense Tower of Demotivation, Remorseless Tower of Maze-like Mayhem, Remorseless Tower of Stalagmite Trouble, Remorseless Tower of Epic 2, Insane Tower of Bootleg Difficulty Chart, Extreme Tower of Individual Challenges,

Catas Tower of Sliding Sands

Ring 3:

Effortless Edifice of Preluding, Easy-0 Tower of Reachable Endings, Medium Edifice of Peter Thoughts, Medium Tower of Simple Hops, Medium Tower of Really Dumb, Hard Steeple of Cracker Water, Hard Great Citadel of Stupid Proportions, Difficult Edifice of Chaos, Difficult Citadel of Never Ending, Challenging Tower of Mirrored Epic, Challenging Tower of The Northern Lights,

Extreme Tower of Mental Annihilation

Ring 4:

Medium Edifice of Reeking Easiness, Hard Steeple of Fire and Flames, Difficult Tower of _____, Challenging Tower of Triplicity, Intense Tower of Flatlining, Intense Tower of Killbrick and Conveyor Shipping, Remorseless Tower of Back Pain, Remorseless Tower of Warped Worlds, Insane Citadel of Psychological Trauma, Insane Tower of Blueshift, Insane Tower of _____, Extreme Tower of Rotato Potato, Terrifying Tower of Volcanic Explosion,

Catas The Rainbow Spire

Ring 5:

Effortless Tower of Tiny Tribulations, Hard Edifice of Vertigo Chairs, Hard Tower of Strange Rooms and Tests, Difficult Tower of Lefty Flip, Challenging Tower of Mirrored Whatever, Challenging Exceptionally Glorious Group, Intense Tower of October, Intense Tower of The Outside World, Remorseless Tower of Flushed Emoji, Remorseless Tower of Freaking Unbearable (forgot actual name), Terrifying Citadel of Shellshock,

Horrific Madness Steeple

Ring 6:
CatasTower of Pi

Ring 7:

HardTower of Walking Like a Clown, DifficultTower of Game Ending, RemorselessPalace of Marble Statues, InsaneTower of Nilhilism,

Nil Tower of Yo Mama (temporary name)

Ring 8:
No towers confirmed

Ring 9:

Nil Super Probably Tower,

Why Obelisk of Unorthodox Ascent

Zone towers
Zone 1:

EffortlessTower of New Experiences, MediumSteeple of Checking Your Vibe, MediumTower of Head Knocking, HardTower of Coastal Equatorial Sunsets, HardSteeple of Devolution, DifficultJumble of Extraordinary Malicious Agressive Miraculous Made Anticipation, ChallengingTower of Railways, IntenseTower of Cork Hell, IntenseTower of Unepic, RemorselessTower of Peculiar Sliding, InsaneNot Even a Rainbow Spire,

Extreme Obelisk of Junk Being Thrown Everywhere

Zone 2:

Hard Steeple of Aether Regions,

Extreme Citadel of Unorthodox Difficulty Chart

Subrealm Towers
Intense Palace of 'Nog Nightmares


Effortless Edifice of Loving Yourself, Easy-0 Edifice of The Concept of Love, Medium Steeple of Loving Buttons, Medium Edifice of Chocolate Boxes,

Remorseless Tower of Flushed Emoji

Removed Towers

Difficult Cube of Reoccuring Nightmares, Intense The Oldest Anarchy Tower In Minecraft, Insane Tower of Bigger Yet Bigger, Extreme Scoob Cube, Extreme Cube of Skaboof,

Why Citadel of Something Strange

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